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My Radeon 5850 is running hot, and has a problem with its fan control i think.

at stock settings it runs 99% on silly little games, and gets to about 62C about the same for when playing crysis ~67C, the most the fan ever throttles up to is about 28-30%. Is this right? shouldn't it throttle faster than that if it is getting so hot. how do i fix this? it also idles around 40C.

it has febuary drivers with Cat 10.2 i've been watching for 10.3 but i cannot find it, even at the AMD website.

if i manually take control of the fan through Cat 10.2 i can get it to be around 55C (62C with crysis) with 33% fan, but i still think something is funny... isn't this hot for a GPU at stock? Idles at 35C here.

Please help.
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  1. Not at all. The original 4850 ran 70C idle and 90C stressed by design. Those temps sound exactly where they should be for a 5850. For a CPU that would be high, but GPUs can take much higher temps. I'll find 10.3a for ya in a second.
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    Here's 10.3a (preview drivers):

    The official 10.3 drivers should be out around Wednesday.

    Also, my 5850 runs at almost the same temps as yours.
  3. thanks i have found some others that say the same thing as well :) and thanks for the 10.3a is that site normally accessible through the amd site, or is it somethings special?
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  5. No, since those were just preview drivers (mainly to rain on NVidia's parade this week) they were not on the main site. I haven't been to the "underground" site before these, and even then it was only by article links.
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