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Hello, Tom's Hardware Community! :hello: My girlfriend recently got a computer from her mother's work on the cheap (they were upgrading) and I was wondering how I would go about finding out the type of motherboard. I assume that'd be the first step in shopping for a video card upgrade to play games.

I also thought that this would be a good opportunity to ask if anybody knew about any good resources on the web for beginners interested in computers. I've read a few guides on this site, it's great! I'd like to find out more, though, especially about the basics of hardware and software both for fun and troubleshooting purposes. Since getting the new computer I've been missing my old computer and thought it'd be fun to find out how it actually worked so that I could be an informed consumer and be able to build my own gaming system in the coming months. :bounce: Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. Does anybody find these animated emoticons annoying? I hope not!
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  1. Yeah, not a bad thought losing the cute crap (I am joking.)

    The easiest method is to download a program. SIW is good as is SiS software Sandra (lite); they will tell you what you have.

    The model/name/serial number of your board is printed inside it, somewhere in the centre perhaps. You can open your case and search with a small torch.
  2. LOL "the cute crap". Awesome, thanks. I'll do a google search for that program now! Also, do you know of anyplace on the net I could look up basic computer info if I'd like to learn more? I've done some searches and found some cool articles, but a lot of them assume basic knowledge I don't have.
  3. NewSoulSam said:
    LOL "the cute crap".

    I like the little friendly :hello: and bouncy :bounce: guys. But, yes, if they start to get overused, they will become annoying.

    CPU-Z will also tell you what kind of motherboard you have.

    And, yes, it takes awhile to learn the basics. Remember, we were all noobs once. For some of us, it may have been was a long time ago.
  4. Well, thanks! Update, by the way: I got a laptop for xmas, so I'm gonna upgrade the ram and get an external hdd, and get a new gpu for my girlfriend's desktop. :)
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