How to setup hdmi on geforce 240(GT-240X-ZNFC)

I recently purchased a GeForce 240 (GT-240X-ZNFC) and would like to connect my TV now via HDMI. I can't get any output from the card to the TV over HDMI. VGA works great, but I want the HDMI audio.

I didn't have the HDMI cable connected when I installed the drivers. I believe I'll go thru the driver install again tonight.

Will this work?

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  1. Stupid question: did you make sure your TV was set to receive input from its HDMI port? Just making sure!
  2. Well, I think so...on my TV, I have the HDMI (3) that I'm trying to use...I've tried other HDMI ports and I can't seem to see a signal - that's what the TV says "No signal"...
  3. NVIDIA video cards don't have an audio chip unlike the ATI cards 3xxx,4xxx,and 5xxx cards that have realtek sound chips built-in. NVIDIA use a PASS-THRU approach or technique. The sound card SPDIF connector must be connected to your NVIDIA card. Nvidia cards have SPDIF connector to take in audio and link it to the DVI/HDMI connector. That will facilitate audio link from your PC->SoundCard->Nvidia->HDMI->HDTV.

    I have a BFG 280 OC on one of my PC. I'ts connected to a 52 Inch HDTV through HDMI(Audio and Video). How it works and what HW connections i made is on this thread... Read it please.

    I don't know which brand you card is but a good illustration or example of HDTV (HDMI) connection using NVIDIA card is on this path

    Call your video card vendor. They will send you the spdif connector for your video card.
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