Need a lockable case for architecture studio environment

I am planning a new workstation build for my studio class and am looking for a case that I can easily lock up and cable to my desk. Anyone have any suggestions? Would also rather a workstation aesthetic rather than neon gaming rig.

I would like to stick to the MID TOWER form factor and the budget is $ 150 or less
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    You can lock the front door and the side panels. As for anchoring it, that depends on your space. You could screw it to the desk maybe.
  2. Firstly, a budget statement would've helped.. Now, why do you want to lock up the case..?? Instead you can get a heavy case which would sit firm on your desktop (or wherever you wish to place it)..

    If you still wish to lock, i guess the cooler master cosmos with its handles becomes the perfect candidate.. And it surely looks classy also..
  3. Thanks for your responses!

    to answer your questions, the studio is often left open and unattended and I am hoping to deter someone from grabbing my system and taking off. I have no illusions of this distracting real thieves but anything I can do from having them run off with the entire box or my Quadro card is worth the effort. So basically im thinking locking side panel and a cable lock to my desk.

    I would like to stick to the MID TOWER form factor and the budget is $ 150 or less
  4. I vote for bolts through the floor of the Rig into the desk, use a couple of spacers/washers between the desk and bottom of pc to avoid warping the case,
    if they really want your pc, there getting a desk with it :)
    the second case Emperus posted is a nice looker too.
  5. If some one wants to steal it, they will, whether its tied down or not.

    Use lowjack, and put a password on the hard drive.
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