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Hy there!

I have a problem with my system:
MB: Asus P7P55D
CPU: Intel Core i5-750
RAM: Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2/4GX (2*2GB kit)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

My total system memory is 4,00 GB (Usable memory 3,24 GB)
Why the system can only handle 3,24 GB of ram?

Thanks for answers!
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  1. You never said what the problem was. The operating system determines the maximum RAM.
  2. I want to use all of 4 GB ram instead of 3,24 GB. What about the 0,76 GB?
    Is it reserved for something? I have no integrated graphic card.
  3. If you want this to be solved, get a different motherboard. Think Gigabyte or Intel.
  4. Typically, it's the 'usable' limit of a 32-bit OS, and/or onboard GPU and other shared memory devices.

    ref -

    In your case with an x64 OS I would need to ask - do you also have a partition with a 32-bit OS and did you perform a clean install? i.e. critical 32-bit driver installed vs 64-bit.

    Advanced -> Northbridge Chipset
    /Change Memory Remap Feature {Disabled}

    {I do not like GA or Intel MOBOs - period}

    Please post the following:

    Check the following:
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