BTX to ATX Transfer

So, I have decided to go with this motherboard (EVGA nForce 730i link below) and Antec 300 so that I can fully transfer my OCZ 4GB of DDR2 my GTX 480 my Q6600 (G0) my Ultra 650W, the new heatsink(cooling tower) I will probably have to buy since my old one probably wont fit in the new set up. I plan to transfer my DVDRW and my HDD too

Do you guys see where there might be a problem? compatibility issues? or any advice to give before I commit?

Also give advice for a cooling tower max $50 please!

Thank you so much!
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  1. I've been considering this one. What do you think?

    I have two OEM OS, Vista 64 home premium and windows 7 64 home premium(Didn't like windows 7. Vista was faster for me + everytime I overclock greater than 2.7 on Win 7 I start getting this weird lag in games. The lag DOES NOT HAPPEN in Vista. Max temps are 51c when computer's clean and 55c dirty (physically; dust, etc.)
  2. that cooler will work very well

    you may need to re-install vista once you install the new mobo
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