Continual Hard drive failures

I bought a P5Q3 mobo a year ago and every since have had 6 HDs crash on me whether they were the o/s, slaves or via usb externals. All had to go for warranty.

I cannot belive the trouble I have had and whilst months go and it seems fine, then another will crash and I'm back in it again.

The last trouble was today. The 500GB Seagate Barra SATA o/s drive crashed. Seatools says it is damaged and needs warranty change. It is about 4 months old.

Other drives in the 600 watt box were 2 other Barra's 500,320 and a DVD Rom.

I have a quad 2.8 CPU and 2 stick of 2GB RAM.

I want to get another cheaper mobo which I can use with the same CPU and DDR etc., but am not sure which way to go.

I know it could be so many things, but what would be the most obvious first ones to look at?


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  1. I would suggest you to check PCIe frquency in BIOS first. If it is increased too much in an effort to boost gfx card speed, this could also affect HDD and might kill it. This is the easiest part.

    Then I would suspect psu. The voltage variations ( especially 5 V part ) might be such that it could cause damage to HDD.

    I would also suspect the location of your computer where it might always be under excessive vibration/bumping ( usb drive might rule this out ) and heat.
  2. Yes I think you are correct. I bought another Asus mobo P5G41C-M LX, another PSU (600watts) and set it up with the same externals etc. It is running great.

    I then bought another psu for the troubled mobo and new CPU etc., and it now is running fine as well.

    It looks like it was the old 650 watt psu. I will get it tested, then I will know for sure.

    Thanks for the help..

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