Best CUDA card for video encoding

I use most of my processing for adding subtitles to .avi files , and converting to DVD. ( I am hearing impaired) using DVDFlick and ConvertXtoDVD.

I alos do encoding of DVDs to my mobile using Nero move it and other software

I also do a lot of cloning of DVDs using DVD Fab

I have purchased a Geforce GT220 card to take advantage of CUDA processing, but I find that it is not that muchb faster , and there are problems with the display freezing when doing encoding with soem software.

Can anyoneplease suggest a more suitable card that will speed up the video encoding proces , and not freeze the display?
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  1. If you're really serious about video encoding, you'll need to invest in a good CPU. While some of the newer GPUs can process data, they don't do so as well as good ol' processors. Those programs you use sound like they still rely on the CPU to get the job done, not the GPU.
  2. I do this my self the best for the job for a single slot is a 9800gt (512/1gb) while my friend uses two GTX295s and a single slot 9800gt to do mpeg2 encoding. It does take advantage of mixed multy gpu solutions. When running this if you want to overclock unlink the core and shader clocks them raise the shader. G92 boards top out at 1.8ghz while G80-GT200 top out around 1.7ghz the vram oc will help when running cuda. If on a very small budget get and thing with 32 shaders or more.
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