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is the antec sonata III a good budget gaming case?
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  1. It's ok. A little pricey unless you use the 500w ps that comes with it. Newegg has a rosewill Challenger case for $50 with multiple fans and bottom power supply mount that looks great.
  2. I would take the Antec 300 over it. Last I checked, the sonata III was priced at $100 including PSU. The 300 is a better case with better cooling and priced at $50. If your system does not need a lot of power or output a lot of heat, the sonata II is a good option because it comes with a good quality power supply. However, you would be better off in most cases with the additional cooling the antec 300 could provide along with purchasing a seperate power supply.

    Is it the best option? No.

    Will it work? yes.
  3. the antec 300 is great case for $50

    at around $80, look at the CM690II
  4. lol well i already got it i was woundering if its good for gmaing like with more than 1 fan installed aswell
  5. its fine case for gaming, like enzo stated a little pricey but still a very good case
  6. ok good i just dont like the front opening panel thing :/ it seems flimsy
  7. If you don't like the front opening plastic cover, don't get it. I don't like it either. Get what you want now, or you will waste time and money getting rid of it later.
  8. lol ok :P
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