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  1. x4 630

  2. Have a look at Custom PC Build a Mac killer article, if you have the money its an awesome build :P
  3. Seriously, how about some real content on the issue... GIMP, Photoshop, i3, i5, i7 920, i7 960, AMD Phenom, Phenom II, motherboard recommendations, graphics card recs, how much ram, high end machine specs, budget spec.

    I preffer the budget specs. What motherboard, cpu, graphics card, hard drive, and ram do I need to edit photographs using Photoshop (at least one of the last three versions) without having to wait 5 minutes for my machine to render the edit or crash. I want to be able to have fun editing my own photographs not spend 4 hours fighting back frustration.

    I am still running XP Pro on a socket 478, P4 2.8 cpu machine so almost anything would be an improvement. Fact, if you know of a cheap rig I can swap my HD to and still gain some respectable speed, post it. I would appreciate it.
  4. you will see a significant performance increase from even the lowest end system 2day im afraid

    intel fan

    2gb ddr2 800

    amd fan
    x2 240
    2gb ddr3 1066
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