Hey guys,

I recently bought new computer parts (full). I saved up on the optical drive and HDD.

This is my first time so I am pretty bad with these. I have a SATA 1.5 HDD atm (Baracuda Seagate 7200). Can I connect that to my Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard? Just wondering if that will work or do I need to have a higher SATA HDD.

I've read around and seen people talking about RAID, if you guys could explain it as well, that will be great! Really appreciate it guys, thanks for reading.

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  1. Your drive is fully compatible with your new board since the interface is backwards compatible. Raid is explained here
  2. Cheers for the reply! Another quick question, do you guys know where I can connect my optical drive to the Asrock Z77 Extreme 4? I took it out of my old mobo and it was using a long pci looking cable.

    Code DVR - 109BK : Optical Drive
  3. That probably is an ide drive most motherboards today don't have that port because it's old and slow
    buy a new dvd drive that has sata.
  4. You've got an IDE (occasionally called PATA) drive. That interface was replaced by SATA almost ten years ago. Just buy a new SATA drive, they're cheap enough. You could also get a converter, but they aren't much cheaper than a new drive, and why bother recycling decade old hardware when you can spend another $10 and get something newer, faster and less likely to suddenly fail due to its age?
  5. Yep, will definitely do that. I actually managed to put my comp together without the optical drive. I'm currently in the Asrock UEFI setup. Do I need the optical drive to move on from here? I cant seem to exit the setup. Sorry, first timer, not too sure what to do
  6. press F10 or escpe

    you need it to install the os but you can do it from an sd card or flash drive.
  7. thanks! gonna re-try it now. im using my old HDDs, which means i have OS in one of those, with that, does that mean I get to use my previous OS?
  8. if the drive is sata then yes but it's better to do a clean install when moving to a new pc.
  9. i tried clicking f10/exit, after clicking it, it actually brings m back to the Asrock UEFI setup utility, is it cause my HDD is old?
  10. yeah, drives are sata 1.5
  11. No it's not because of the drives, i never used an asrock motherboard so i don't know but don't you have an exit button?
    try pressing escape again
  12. that is really old i sugges you buy a new sata ii or sata iii drive.
  13. i did, i save changes and exit but it brings me back to the main page of it again
  14. sorry i don't know why
    did you set it too boot from the hdd?
  15. would that be the Boot from Onboard LAN ? Enable it?
  16. No you should set it too boot from the hdd
    Search for boot order or something like that
  17. for some reason the mobo doesnt have my hdds on the screen. does it matter which sata port it is connected to?
  18. no, is the power cable connected
  19. yeah power cable is. could the hdds be faulty?

    also, my cpu fan - coolermaster hyper 212 evo seems abit too loud for me, is that normal for it to be loud?

    thanks for the quick replies
  20. sorry i don't know never used it

    yes the hdd could be bad or the sata cable is bad or the power
  21. by sata 1.5 you mean 1.5 tb or sata v 1 (1.5)
  22. i meant sata v 1 (1.5)
  23. ya it's old
  24. yeah, was hoping it'll still work :( guess ill have to get a new optical dr and hdd as well
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    it could still work but it is much better to get a new one
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  27. with ssds, are they just useful for startup?
  28. ssds are useful for everything but again i never used one I'm only 15 so broke but they are worth every penny from what i read tom's has a Best ssd For The Money: xxx 20xx
    so look at it may will soon be here look at Aprils one.
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