So, were the GTX480 cores disabled before the official benchmarks?

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  1. Give it a little while and all will be revealed, or not.
  2. funny how they don't try to take on a 5970 because the pricing is about the same XD
  3. not so funny because the 5970 is a dual GPU, so they direct their attention to the 5870 because its single lol.

    Its always like this between ATI and NV.

    Same Price, Ati dual GPU and NV single GPU.

    I predict that the 480 GTX will be what the 285 GTX was to the 4870 X2. In this case the 4870 X2 is the 5970.

    Time will Tell what I am interested in is Asus's NV 480 GTX, apparently yields 50% more performance with the Volt Tuner, should be interesting anyways!:)
  4. And all you'd need is ~400W for it instead of the 294W...
  5. I just asked because Nvidia claimed parity with it's ATI counterpart, then announced they will disable cores. Seems kinda convenient that they get this meme out there that it is faster than their competition. Maybe the product that eventually makes it to market will be slower than the 5870. Maybe they intended to disable the cores all along, but waited to tell us to create buzz on news that their product will be the fastest. Maybe I'm reading too much into this... :)
  6. 50% FASTER ! its on the box, hell it must be true.

  7. notty22 said:

    granted it is a long shot, but it does seem that these cards due have a high chance of being under volted to reach the Watt goal they needed.
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