Corrupted windows media player?

I found out a few days ago that my windows media player on my laptop got corrupted. it reads every wideo in inverted colors and i cant fix it. i scanned for viruses and got nothing, so i was going to delete it and redownload a new one. Problem is that it wont let me delete it because i dont have permission to make changes to it because i dont have permission from some company, (didnt say microsoft) and i also couldnt redownload a new on ebecause on the windows website it doenst give you a download button it just says that it is included in windows 7. what do i do?
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  1. do you have a nvidia graphic card
  2. no, its intel integrated graphic, pentium p6100 cpu,
  3. Try CCCP Media Player Classic.
  4. get VLC media player and never ever install any other video codec on your system.
    VLC will play every video file you throw at it.
    get that and you wont be sorry your media player got corrupt.
  5. Sounds like you actually got a virus if you don't have "permission" to uninstall - what AV do you use?
  6. check your video settings in media player

    in media player go to view>enhancements>video settings then reset all settings specially "hue" settings,
    this will solve it
  7. inanition02 said:
    Sounds like you actually got a virus if you don't have "permission" to uninstall - what AV do you use?

    well i use microsoft security essentials, and i scan my computer about once a week or more and update the virus deffinitions regularly. i think its per,issions from the company who actually made media player, other than microsoft.
    @ mayancleoboy well i also would like to delete it if i get a new media player because i cant figure out how to get it to switch to other media player (for example quick time) as the default. i also cant delete it that is the main issue.\
    @ truegeneous um, im on windows 7, i see no view button on the window for wmplayer...
  8. Click start>default programs to switch default program

    And there is view button on WMP

    Click on the icon in red circle to go to Library mode

    Right click on blank and you see "view"

    You can enable top bar with view>show menu bar so things stay there.
  9. @pyree, thanks, that wasnt where the view buttons usually are, ill try that but i would still like to know any info about how to get rid of the media player.
  10. I don't know how to remove WMP apart from using "turn window feature on or off" on where you usually uninstall programs.
  11. o open up an old thread, but i decided to look at vlc media player, anyone know whether or not the exe installer has anything unhealthy for my computer on it? i was going to download it on my grandparents desktop because the windows media player cant decode a dvd for some reason and i cant buy plugins for it. also i still havent gotten around to getting it for my own laptop, oh, and i aksed about the securioty becaue im not so sure about the dependancy of their antivirus...
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