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My psu is a Corsair TX750w and i think that it is not connecting to the mother bored good . the plug goes in and locks but it still moves around a little. This might not but the problem but some how my computer just turns off and i have to re-boot. What would happen if i was to use the 4 pin aux plug from the old PSU. Because I can't just use the old one because it does not have the power needed for my XFX 5770 Graphics card So therefor using two PSUs would this cause a problem?
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  1. Sounds to me like the mobo connection is the problem.
    Loose solder and the mobo connector is not making connection.(shorting)
    I'd take out the mobo and have a closer look.
    Is it still under warranty?
  2. I'm not sure if the computer is but i know that the new PSU is.
  3. All i'm saying that is if you remove the psu 8 pin power plug and the mobo connection wiggles around alot itself(loose)
    That may be the problem.
    Also have a closer look at the psu 8 pin plug.
    Maybe one or more of the pins is receded and not making full contact.
  4. The mobo does not wiggle just when i plug the psu into it the plug moves in side of the mobo.
  5. When you say the computer turns off and you have to reboot, what do you mean? Can you give a little more information?

    I've only had power failure/turning on issues with two computers. One was using a power supply that had one of the 20 pin ATX cables missing entirely. Fans would go when the power button was held down, but nothing would work. A new power supply did the trick here. The other case was where one CPU pin had broken and the computer would turn on (but not post) for 2 seconds or so, turn off for a second, and repeat until the power plug was pulled. The motherboard had to be RMA'd (the new one resolved the problem).
  6. like it a complete shut-down as if you had pulled the plug. i know that if you move the 4 pin aux cable when the computer is on it will turn off. it's not the mobo connection to the mother bored its just the PSU well not stay tight, i does not come unplugged just wiggles and losses power.
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