GTS 250 for 89 dollars

Is this a good card?

I have a pny 9800gt 1gb and i ordered another one a few weeks after to sli but unfortunately they were diffrent models they were the same thing but they looked diffrent (diffrent fan and heatsink) and it seems like the discontinued the one i have (the one i have looks exacly as the one in the pictures in newegg, but the second one i ordered looks a bit different so i send it back) i stumbled upon this gts250.. is it a good idea to just sell my 9800gt for at least 90 bucks and buy this one? maybe even 2 for sli?? oh and one more question i have a p5nd motherboard it supports sli however! the second pciexpress slot it very close to the first so i dont think 2 big cards will fit, will i be able to fit 2 of the gts250 in my motherboard shown here for 89.99? please full details responses will be appreciated
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  1. yeah man I saw that deal too its well worth it
    kill my 5770 for the same price cdn dollars
  2. Nice card. $90 and comes with a copy of Vegas 2. The SLI 9800GTs will be faster, but at the cost of heat, power, noise, etc.

    While the slots are close together, there is still two spaces between them. The card closest to the CPU will run hotter due to reduced air flow. Shouldn't stop SLI from working.
  3. That is a very nice deal but you don't need identical 9800GTs to use SLI. Any will do.
  4. Someone said 2 9800gts will outperform 2 of the gts I send in the link.. Is that true? Will two of the pny 9800gt 1gb that I have now(the one I send in link) outperform 2 of the gts 250 1gb? Isend each of the particular cards in the links
  5. No, that's not true. The GTS 250 is 20%+ faster and the same would apply in SLI.
  6. I said the two 9800GTs will outperform that one GTS250. Two GTS250 cards would be faster then the 9800GT in SLI.
  7. Oh I misread my bad my bad
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