HP SimpleSave 1TB - Swapping out the HDD inside?

Hey guys,
I bought two Hp SimpleSave 1TB external hard drives on clearance for about $35 each 6 months ago. I opened one up and took the drive out to use in my new computer I built and kept the other external for backup. Now, I want to put my old 320GB drive into the empty enclosure for use at work. Unfortunately, all that happens is the light on the front of the enclosure blinks on and off and the system does not recognize it. The drive doesn't seem to spin up in the enclosure and device manager does not see it. Anyone know if I'm screwed because it's not the HDD that was in it?

Thanks in advance!
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    This is happening because not enough power is being sourced into the hardrive, which is causing the disk not to move, but light is on. you should check if the hard drive is in the enclosure properly, and if it supports it.

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  2. What was the actual HDD that was in the external unit?
    What is the (specs on the) 320GB HDD?

    How is the performance of the 1TB that used to an external?
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