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I'm looking at getting an SSD and I've narrowed it down to these choices:

They all use Sandforce, MLC, SATA 3 but there is a huge price difference. Any opinions would be appreciated, I was originally going to sport for the Intel but the more I compare, the more I doubt it. The only thing they have over the others is a 5 year warranty, I'm not seeing great performance differences.

If there is one I left out, please let me know, I really *want* a 240GB, but would consider down to 180GB. Thanks!!

I think I changed the possibilities to these:

I did find this researching the Marvel 9124 controller. Looks like Intel tops, with OCZ a close second.

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  1. Intel has topped the charts in reliability as well closely followed by the Samsung 830!
  2. Should get an crucial m4 256gb. Theyre on sale for $200 on @ ebay, and $210 on amazon. They tend to have better reliability compared to OCZ and perform better than the v3. Unless you wanna dish out extra $$$ for the vertex 4 (probably fastest ssd on the market now).
  3. The Crucial M4 is 3rd to last in PCMark, what source did you get that shows it outperforming the V3 (totally open to mind changing).

    @rolli, I know those 2 are tops, but cash wise I'm sorta strapped. I've got a 2500k in my cart with like 8 different SSDs that I'm trying to wade through. The 2500k is only on sale thru today ($205 shipped). I was going to go for the 2600k and the 520 240GB but $600 is my cap, so I'm trying second best and use the extra money to replace my Crossfired 5770s. Any thoughts?
  4. This can be closed, I decided to go ahead with the 2500k and pop for a Samsung 256 and wait on upgrading the GPU for a bit. Thanks for the suggestions...
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