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I bought this card tonight and installed it. My system seems to be running better and I don't think there is any problem but I have a weird noise now when it starts up.
There are 3 clicks then a noise that almost sounds like the fans starting up (but I watched through the window they are already running and don't stop). It repeats the 3 clicks and then the fan like noise probably 6-7 times before it actually boots up. This is before it posts or anything shows about the bios. Then it boots up just fine no problem.
Does anyone have that problem with this card? Is this a possible problem or just the way the card starts up?
Just curious if this could be a future problem or if this is normal.

Here's a link to the card I bought tonight.
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  1. I got the same exact card and Problem, the fans are very big and sometimes hit against the case, Heres an easy way to stop it, hit the side of the computer lightly, this will stop it quickly, the fan for this card is very awkwerd, dont worry, just make it run slower with your Asus smart doc, thanks for letting me help :p, ALSO, throw out the VGA driver disc, you update the drivers on ATis site. the disc is old.
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