Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H Making Noises

hey guys....
i have little problem with the motherboard making i think like warning sounds "buzz noises" from the mobo speaker when i only play heavy games like Mafia II and CoDBO NFSHP SCII....

thats my temps after the full load

i have..
AMD Phenom x4 955 BE
4 GB DDR2 @800MHZ Ramz
Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H rev1.0
Gigabyte 720w PSU

-i have restored bios to default.
-updated my bios to the latest one.
-reinstalled windows and the games.
-updated gpu dirver and chked that its not the cause.

wts the problem here? high voltage? wrong mobo for my rig?

thnx in advanced
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  1. Could be the power supply. Some are noisy. You may want to isolate the noise before doing anything else.
  2. thnx for the replay o1die
    -am very sure that is not from the psu but could be my rig need more power?
    -am not geting ur point of isolating the noise..... :S plz explain...
  3. anyone?
  4. You would have to unplug any fans one by one and use some kind of homemade funnel or other device to listen closely to each source of noise. Some video cards are also noisy.
  5. thnx for the replay

    the noise only coming from the speaker of the mobo....i removed it and the noise gone....the problem is i dont know why the noise coming through the mobo..wts the problem to make that noise...
  6. i think i need to change the mobo with new one am3 i think its the only way
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