Catalyst memory coruption

:kaola: Proccesor: intel i7 920
MB: p6t deluxe v2
Video Card: HIS Ice-Q turbo 1gb 4870
OS:windows 7 home premium 64 bit
HD: Western Digital 150gb 10000rpm
PS: Rosewill 750w
RAM: 6gb ocz gold 1600(desined for x58 and i7)

Hi guys, i have a problem with my catalyst software. When i start it up, every time i go to the ati overdrive, it shows i have only 1100mhz of memory clock. my ram is 1600mhz, and it show this in start up. I checked in the Bios and changed the timing,voltage, and CL. Still it wount show my full ram speed. :pfff: I checked with cpu-z and it shows i have 1.5V on all channals, how do i fix this? Also, when i play Combat Arms my video card breaks down and i will see pizza slices on my screen of the disoriented game. Even when i shut my game down it still is stalled. How do i fix this? i am new at this so forgive me if i dont have enough info. :pt1cable:
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    Uh, your SYSTEM ram (the 6 gigs of ocz) you have is 1600 mhz. That has NOTHING to do with your video memory. The video memory on your card is set to 1100mhz. The two are separate from each other. The 1100 mhz is what your video card memory is set to and is the default setting for your card.

    The Catalyst Overdrive program is ONLY for your video card where you can over clock the GPU and the video memory speed. Did you set your video memory speed to 1600 in the Overdrive program? If so, that's definitely why you are seeing pizza slices (also known as artifacts). That occurs when you've over clocked your video memory and/or your GPU speed too high. You can go back into the Catalyst Overdrive program and reset your GPU and memory settings back to their defaults. I would suggest you do this and try running your game again.

    Also, with you having over clocked your video card too high, it might be overheating as well, causing the hanging.

    If you've done any other tweaking within your bios, I would also suggest you reset them as well to the defaults and then run your game.
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  3. Thanks... i am such a noob at this computer thing.
    It is my first build so i really dont have any real idea of what lots of the words mean.
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