E8500 wont POST

I just installed a new processor, the Intel e8500 , and my computer wont even POST. I can put my old e2180 processor in and everything boots fine. My comp specs are:

EVGA 750i MB E173
6GB ddr2 ram
x2 260 gtx core 216
320g sata HD
corsair 850w PSU
I updated to the latest BIOS and hit the reset CMOS button but still the same thing. The processor list as compatible. So kinda confused here, any suggestions?

Also, when I first got this processor I installed it and was doing the same thing that it is now, so I RMA it and got another, so I wouldnt think that I got two bad CPU's in a row.
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  1. Well, since the old one works fine and you tried installing it after the E8500, I'm going to assume it cannot be user error such as forgetting to plug in the CPU fan etc.

    In which case, I am baffled. Can you get into the bios with the E8500? What exactly do you see? Does it just boot but with a blank screen and nothing else?
  2. check your pins maybe you bent one
    that would suck on the bright side your board does support that chip
  3. No, no BIOS just blank screens and restarts. And I dont think the pins are bent because I've put the old processor back in a couple of times and it works fine. I know the board specs say that it supports the e8500, but its not acting like it. I wonder if I need an older bios or a different one than the one I got off of EVGA's homepage.I got the s20w version, released 9/10/2009. The debug display sometimes stops on Code 18, which I think is "initialize cpu" or something like that. ..........thanks for the replies, any more info or suggestions would be helpful.
  4. Maybe the E8500 is bad. Have you tried the E8500 on another system and see if it works?
  5. Well, its possible that it could be bad. But like I said I have already RMA'd it once and got another one back. Both of them acted the same way with this system. But I suppose its worth the effort to try it in another computer and see if its working at all or not. I'll try that and see what happens. Thanks for the replies.
  6. bios update is all that is left oh wait did you plug in all the power plugs ?
    seriously look around your board
  7. did they do different revisions of the motherboard? mybe you have an earlier rivision that doesn't suport the CPU even with the latest BIOS.
  8. I'd power down, remove the HSF and inspect the base of the cooler ... did you take the blue / clear plastic protective tape off the strip of material that serves as thermal trasfer compound between the HSF and the IHS (lid of the CPU)?

    Alternatively, reseating and applying new (after cleaning) thermal paste on both the cpu and hsf, then re-attaching the HSF properly, may solve the bootup problem.

    I had a series fo video's in an old thread I made to show people how to attach those aweful push pin HSF's somewhere.

    This is where I would start ... make sure the CPU is seated and properly cooled ... then get it to post.

    Did you connect the cpu cooler power?

    Past that ... ??

    PSU / MOBO (Bios) etc ...
  9. Ive tried all of the above, I guess I'll call EVGA and see if I need a different BIOS version................well see how that goes
  10. I talked with an EVGA service manager and after going thru his procedures figuring out that I did have the correct BIOS update. He told me that this model motherboard( 750i e173,not the FTW model) was a hit and miss chance of it working with the E8500 processor and all the other wolfdale processors as well. He said that the board was made before the wolfdale processors were out and that the only way they had made them compatible was with a BIOS update and that sometimes the BIOS update wouldn't work . So, he's going to RMA the board and replace it with the 750i FTW model which is supposed to be defintely compatible.So, as long as the replacement board works I will be satisfied.The serive manager actually seemed smart like he knew what he was talking about and was very friendly,which isn't always the case. But I will update just as soon as I get the new board and see if everything works. Thanks for all the replies!
  11. that's some decent customer service by evga i'm impressed
  12. Indeed.

    +1 to EVGA ...

    Let us know when you have done the transplant and how it goes Johobs !!
  13. OK, I got the new motherboard and everything works. I put the e8500 in and everything booted and loaded correctly. So +10 to EVGA for good customer service. All thats left to do now is ship the old motherboard back to them. Thanks for all the advice!
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