First time OC'er needs some advice

Just OC'd my GPU and CPU today. Intel 3570k @ 4.3 and a 7950 Vapor X at 1150/1375 @ 1200 VDDC. So far I haven't had temps go about 70C under load and was wondering if there was a program I could use to test stability. I would love to go higher and I think I can but I don't want to damage the chip at all. Thanks for the advice in advance.

Oh btw, any program that can monitor VRAM temps? I heard thats the real problem with the vapor x.
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  1. Use 3D Mark for the GPU testing (artifacts and such)
    As for the CPU there are several to choose from. I personally use Intel Burn Test for about 15 cycles, then switch to prime95 and run small fft's for 2hrs and a blend test for 12-16hours. If no issues or bsod occur, then I consider my overclocked cpu to be stable. But ill warn you, there are HUNDREDS of opinions on how long to run prime. Go with the one that helps you feel comfortable that your overclock is stable.
    For monitoring the VRAM, use CPU-Z and HWMonitor. Both are necessary for monitoring the temps, voltages, and vcore on your overclocks. The best way to damage your cpu is to have too high of temps, which usually are a result in too high of a voltage setting for your clock.
    So test the clock, adjust to comfortable temps (and safe), test and rinse and repeat until you are sure.
  2. Thanks for the reply and I have one more question, will keeping the voltage at 1.2 huet the card in any way? Assumming of ourse that temps stay between 60-75 under load.
  3. I personally barely touched my voltages with MSI Afterburner. The only thing that I messed with was the core clock. However, if you start seeing artifact when you up the core clock, then you need to up the voltage one step at a time until you dont see artifacts anymore. Heres a good guide that I used (or forum rather.)
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