Best video card for htcp

would a XFX 5970 work for my htcp
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  1. um...
    That is a gaming card. The most powerful and expensive one in existence. If you want a card for home theater use that is definitely not what you should be looking it.
    A good high end HTPC card would be the HD5670.
  2. yeah i know but i want the best picture quality possible dont care about price just want the best
  3. If you want the best picture quality then look at getting a HDTV with very good to excellent picture reviews / ratings. For the purposes of watching movies a HD 5970 will not be any different than a HD 5570.
  4. I agree with jaguarsx, just as an HTPC card, the 5970 is overkill, the 5570 would make an excellent HTPC card and can be had for less than $100USD.

    If you want to do some gaming on your HTPC, then something like a 5850 would be a better choice.
  5. well, even the HD3200/3300/4200 IGP's are enough for an HDTV

    though if he has an older motherboard, the 5570 would do fine (actually i would still consider over powered)
  6. Yeah, like I said, the max you should be considering is the HD5670, the HD5570 will do nicely as well. You will gain nothing other than a lighter wallet and a higher power bill by buying a card more powerful than those, much less something crazy expensive the HD5970.
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