Antec 900 + HD 5830


Newegg has the Antec 900 mid Atx case for a steal right now and was thinking of going with the 5830 card, but some reviews said it was really big. How can you tell if it will fit in your case?
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  1. The 5830 will fit in the 900 just fine, but make sure the PCIe connectors are not on the end, but on the top.
  2. i think someone is spreading rumors that the antec 900 is small, go to microcenter and take a look at one. it is a big case compared to most mid-towers
  3. Its not that the 900 is small, its that the 5830 is 11.1" long...
  4. A friend of mine has a 5870 in an Antec 900 so, i don't see why your 5830 wouldn't fit.
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