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hi...can i use g-skill memory PC3- 10666 4GBRL (3 kits of 2x2 GB 1333 Mhz, all identical sticks) on asrock x 58 extreme?...on g-skill site it says that is p55 chipset compatible...can it work on this x 58 board?'s not listed on asrock QVL list....what is the thing to look for when choosing compatible memory for this board?...sorry for my ignorance...thanks
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Work off this Tested list from G.SKILL -> you want to get a Tri Channel kit and not a Dual Channel kit. Your upgrade options are more limited otherwise, and no it's NOT a good idea to get 3 Dual Channel kits down the line.

    On the cheap, look at G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ
  2. hi,jaquith....i have all the slots full, so it is a tripple chanel mode...or not?...6 sticks of identical DDR3 should work, i thought that these kits are sold this way just because of the useful packaging, that everybody can combine and take what they want, that memory is not dual or tripple, but depending on combo of chips you put on MB...i have these ...3 kits total of 12 GB... says that is not x 58 but p55 and others...i saw that only when i bought the comp....i bought a config, i started it, try to install win 7 ultimate 64, BSOD in th middle of the process...when i pulled out 3 stticks, i managed to install win...and it works fine...then i put the sticks back, blue screen...tried all sticks, 1 by 1 in A1 booted and recognized every stick...but when i put them all, monitor has no signal input at i went to a repair shop...the guy told me that it does not matter p55 or x58 or the QVL list...that every DDR 3 should work fine with right voltage, speed, timings...maybe the RAM is now i am confused...can you please explain me i necessarily have to stick to QVL list and the recommended and tested g-skill RAM(in this case, or maybe others, like corsair, kingston, which are available in my city right away...Split, Croatia)?....can the machine work fine with all the slots full (because i want 12 GB)?..oh, the config

    i7 950
    asrock extreme x58
    pov gtx 460
    corsair 650 tx
    2x WD caviar black 1 TB
  3. No, the Kits are tested and then BIN sorted into kits. I appreciate what you said, and it's not anything that I would suggest doing. Keep in mind that RAM is like an atomic clock - CAS 9 means 9 billionths of a second... Unless the RAM is in perfect sync you'll get all sorts of oddball behavior.

    If it were 'me' I would exchange ALL of the RAM and work off the list.

    Here's how to install 2 kits of Dual:
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