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I've hooked my 'puter up to have dual monitors. My second monitor (24" TV) is hooked up via a/v (yellow rca). Everything is way to big on the TV. I've adjusted the display to it's smallest setting, and it's still too big(1024 X 768). It's as though I have it set at the lowest setting. When I adjust to the lowest setting,(800 X 600) Everything is humongous. Any Ideas?
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  1. Wait, I don't understand: wouldn't setting your TV display at a higher resolution solve your problem? You can always set Windows to zoom text if you can no longer read it at higher resolutions.
  2. The setting for the 2nd display is set 1280 x 1024. Which, I thought, would be a good setting. It's also the smallest. However, on the TV, Everything is Jumbo sized (as if it were on the larger setting of 800 x 600). Just for kicks, I adjusted to for a lower resolution and, That, (obviously) made it Super Jumbo. Now, if I go directly from VGA out of the 'puter to VGA in on the TV, the setting looks perfect at 1280 x 960. However, composite out of 'puter to composite in on the same TV, it looks Jumbo sized and a little distorted. Thanx for taking the time, BTW.
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