Built a PC, now need it to do Hackintosh duty

So, I built the following system a few months ago and love it:

i7 860
P7P55d mobo
Sapphire 5770
8gb 1600 ram
plenty of storage
Samsung SH-s223l dvd
850w psu
Rosewill RKM-800rf wireless keyboard/mouse

It's running Windows 7 Home 64-bit and kicking the required ass, but I can't wait for the new Mac Pros, nor do I want to pay for one when I have a perfectly great beast at home.

So, I know that the 5770 is not-OS X friendly (right?), so what should I swap it for? And is there anything else I need to know about from a compatibility standpoint?

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  1. WHY would you run OSX on a PC with this much power?!?!

    Sure it's a cool project to do, but not worth swapping anything out to get it to work.
  2. Well, my other Mac is dying and can't afford the upgrade I want.
  3. i would swap the 5770 for an Nvidia card as nvidia cards have better success rate with hackintosh

    google tonymacx86 blog- there is a guide for os x snow leopard on p55
  4. ^+1.

    At any case, you'll probably have a better chance with an nVidia card that is currently available on Macs (ie GTS250,etc).
  5. Yah all 9x00gt series, gts250, and most gtx2xx are usually very good picks. Depend on your budget.

    The 9800gt is by far my favorite in term of balance / cost.
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