A few Questions.

Hello everyone!

I have a gigabyte 8800gts 512mb card, and a gigabyte ga ep35c ds3r mobo.
Yesterday my computer just didnt start, i heard a long beep and two short ones.

im wondering if its actually the graphics card thats dead?

and if so, i still have the warranty on it but the pc shop i bought it from doesnt have a 8800gts in stock any more, i dont want them giving me a new card which is less powerful than the old, which of the new nvidia \ ati cards are on par (or better) than my old one?

Thank you in advance!

*edit - im running an e6600 and on a 1280X1024 resolution.
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  1. Hi dude,

    I've checked the mobo (EP35-DS3R) and it has an Award BIOS. Based on the beep codes produced:

    1 Long Beep, 2 Short Beeps
    One long beep followed by two short beeps indicates that there has been some kind of error with the video card. Replacing the video card is usually the most you'll have to do to fix this one.

    As for the replacement card, you may opt to get a 9800gtx or a gts 250 from them.
  2. Thanks,

    And if im offered a 5750 / 5770 ati card, are they a better deal then the gts 250?
  3. A 5750 is the same level as gts 250 while 5770 is on top of them (approximately same level as gtx 260). If you got the chance then get the 5770 instead. :D
  4. Ill try to snatch a 5770 from them then XD

    Thanks for the help.
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