What SMPS can I buy?

Hello, I bought Intel DH55HC Board, i5-750, CORSAIR XMS3 4GB(2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel Memory Kit, XFX Gforce 9500 GT (ModelPV-T95G-ZA) 1GB-DDR2 Graphics Card, 500 gb Segate SATA HDD. For the above spec. what watts of SMPS to be used. Pls Specfy me.
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  1. You wont need much power for that setup, the 9500GT uses barely any power so you can easily run it on a corsair 400CX.
  2. Indeed. Watch the brand. A crappy brand of 400W will not provide 400W. Corsair are very good at providing their advertised wattage.
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