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hey guys, im an ssd noob.
. If i have adobe premiere elements saved on ssd and raw footage saved on hdd, will rendering time be any faster than if premiere elements was on hdd?

Also, if WinRAR is saved on ssd and file to be RAR'ed is on hdd, will there be an improvement is RAR'ing speed versus if winRAR was saved on hdd?

Thanks, elramster
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  1. It depends...

    If you have enough System RAM and your project is small enough then your project will be loaded into RAM and worked on there were it is faster.

    I'm talking about editing, not simply converting video as converting is processing limited (usually the CPU).

    Anyway, 16GB of RAM is typical for Elements users who edit video. Basically as much as your motherboard supports (I think Windows 7 Premium is artificially capped at 16GB and Pro is higher).

    RAR'ing is generally limited by the processor speed, not the drive. (similar to video conversion).
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