GTX 260 / Crysis Question?

To make it short and sweet!

I'm using:

GTX 260

I'm playing only:


My Problem:

I have Phys-X enabled, but I know Crysis won't use Phys-X.


Should I just disable Phys-X?

Will I get more frame rates or (fps) if I disable it?

If the game isn't using Phys-X and it's enabled in Nvidia control panel what happens then?


Sorry for the dumb question, but I do a lot of Crysis Sandbox Editing and I really need all the steady frames I can get. Please help thank you!
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    I don't think it will make a difference whether you have it on or not as like you said Crysis doesn't use physX. You could just disable it and see if you get more FPS. No harm in trying.
  2. It wouldn't change a thing.
  3. It's just another background service. If you're not using PhysX it would hardly make a measurable difference if it was disabled or not.
  4. what all the others have said, I had both on and off on my Nvidia card playing Crysis. No difference to the FPS.
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  6. Thanks you all for your replys, I did check it out using r_diplayinfo 1 and I do get an improvement running Crysis with Phys-X turned off. Thanks agian for all the post, I consider this (SOLVED).
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