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Hi there! I wish everyone Merry Chritsmas. I have a Gigabyte GA-P55 UD4P board with Intel core i5 750, RaidMax RX- 730SS Power supply 730W, a Nvidia geforce gtx 260 graphic card and 8GB XSM Corsair Memory and a WD Caviar 1TB Harddrive and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit OEM. Here it is, my computer was fine until I decide to use WUBI
to install Ubuntu. I did installed it but I have no network connection so I couldn't fix it. I went back and boot to Windows 7 just to find out that I have an issue with the Network connection, you know no internet at all. Any way I manage to fix the issue by using the other network port and it did work. This Gigabyte has dual network port. Anyway a week later or so I decided again to install wuby so I can dual boot and have ubuntu like I have in my other computer. Here we go again I have the same issue again im already frustrated. Again I booted to Windows 7 and again the same problem but this time I have not fix it yet. I have no internet connection. I tried both port and nothing I did a restore and nothing still the same problem. I ran a diagnostic report on Windows 7 and all the tests passed. I unistalled the network driver and install it again and nothing happen. I will appreciated any help. Thansk in advance and Happy Chritsmas.
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  1. sounds like some sort of bios issue
  2. Is the lan driver installed for ubuntu or just in windows?
    not played with dual boots myself but I'd assume (rightly or otherwise) that both O/s's needed the drivers installed
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