Windows 7 installation problem with hard drive discovery

i cannot install windows 7 because when i go to pick my hard drive to partition it does not show up and i have tried using a different hard drive it still does not work does anybody know what the problem is? the hard drives are not even found but it shows in the bios that they are there so i dont know whats wrong?
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  1. What MB, what drive, and are you on the proper Sata Port?
  2. RetiredChief said:
    What MB, what drive, and are you on the proper Sata Port?

    Seagate barracuda hard drive 1TB

    Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 Z68 Motherboard

    and yes i am using the hard drive on the proper SATA port
  3. Is it selected as AHCI not IDE? Have you designated in the bios boot sequence the CD drive first and HDD second?
  4. what is ahci and ide and yes the boot priority is done
  5. Is this a New or old HDD. Reason I ask, if it is old you may need to select custom install.
  6. i did custom install all the time, and i tried with both of them and the disks dont even show up but they do in the bios so they do work because i have also tested them in other computer.
  7. there a setting in the bios if you look in your owners guild.
    PCH SATA Control Mode (defualt is ide)
    need to change that to achi.
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    AHCI is the preferred bios setting, a Must for SSDDs if you want rim enabled.
    However if bios is set to Ide or AHCI, windows 7 should still see the drive and will install. The difference is that windows will use "pcide" for default driver. With ahci, windows will use msahci as the driver (preferred). Also if the drive supports NCQ then it should also be enabled in bios.

    Since you "tested this drive in another Computer", did you partition it, format it and write to it. It may be possible windows is not recognizing the partition that is on the HDD.

    Im sure, but to double check, you did try different sata data cables.
  9. ive fixed it now i plugged it in my other computer and i formatted and partitioned the drive and then i plugged it back into my other computer and installed without any problems :-P
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