Is 5770 the best card to game on 1366 x 768


I am looking to get a new graphics card. I game at 1366 x 768 on a 32" LCD. I have a 4850 card and when all settings are on full get some lower then hoped FPS, could this be a bottle neck somewhere?

CPU : Phenom 9650
Mobo : GigaByte GA-MA770-DS3
Ram : 4GB OCZ 800mhz

Can your mobo cause a bottle neck or is my CPU just to rubbish?
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  1. Your CPU is a bottleneck.
    Getting a better card(5770) won't help much.

    See if you can OC that CPU(Though it won't go much higher)
  2. yeah must be the CPU ive got a old ass 8600GT and a 2.6GHz dual core and i'm gaming at 1920x1080 high settings
  3. The phenom 9650 is Quad core.......
  4. A 5770 isn't really all that much better than a 4850. Performance-wise, the two are similar. Much like the difference between the 4850 and a 4870. A 4850 should be ripping through most games at that resolution.

    Yes, your Phenom 9650 is a quad. But, the original Phenoms are not all that great. They're firmly set on the slow side as far as actual clock speeds are concerned, and their performance has never been close to cutting-edge. As mentioned, you could try overclocking it, but with stock cooling, I doubt you'll see much headroom.

    Of course, we don't know what games you're talking about, what drivers are installed, and numerous other variables that could be contributing factors to your less than expected results.
  5. Quote:
    The phenom 9650 is Quad core.......

    Very few games are optimized for quad cores.

    Main thing that your processor lacks is clock speed.It is just 2.13Ghz which is way too low for modern games.
    PhenomI series were terrible overclockers.
    So better upgrade your CPU if you want better gaming performance.

    Get this Athlon x3 440 processor with this mobo.That will be a good upgrade
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