CPU bottlenecking GPU?

Hi guys,
I am trying to buy a 9800 gtx or 4850 and wondering if my gpu will bottleneck it.

I have asus m2n mx se mobo
athlon 64 X 2 5200+
2 gig ddr2 ram
450 watt power supply ( gonna upgrade this when i get the new gpu)

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  1. Your CPU is alittle on the slow side, but it won't bottleneck to much (really depends on the games you play and at what resolution you play them at). A small overclock wouldn't hurt.

    Also if your running vista or windows 7, another 2GB of RAM will do wonders.
  2. Your CPU will be fine for those cards.
    Get 2GB more ram.
    Games require more than 2GB RAM usually.
  3. Depending on the game. It may or may not bottleneck.

    In games like bad company 2, your processor would be too slow.
  4. Just curious why those models? Are you buying them new or used somewhere for a good price?

    As mentioned above it will depend on the game. If it is a CPU heavy game or one that is optimized for more than 2 cores, you will see it holding you back more than other systems. Bad Company 2 is one of these. It really hammers a dual core but a quad core runs much better. It seems the more CPU you have for that game the better. There are others that are the same, and also others that really are not CPU heavy at all. There is alot of Physics going on in BC2 with the explosions and such that really put a load on it. IF you are playing Modern Warfare 2, its a DX9 game without much going on and you will be more than fine.
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