My Bios and Windows 7 Setup cannot find my Hard drive.

Hi, and thanks for helping in advance.

I have recently just bought all my components for a mid range gaming pc. I have made PC's before, so expected a simple build. However, when I loaded the bios up to change the boot priorities, and change the clock ect. I noticed that My hard drive isn't listed, I can find no mention of it in the bios. I rigged up my old laptop hard drive and my PC worked a treat, apart from the fact there is no mention of my new Hard drive in the drives list.

I also tried the windows setup anyway, in case I had missed something on the BIOS, but Windows said there were no drives to install 7 on. Also, I have noticed that there is a ticking noise coming from the drive for about 10 seconds at startup.

Any Ideas as to what to do next?

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z68APD3, and my hard drive is a 2TB SEAGATE ST2000DM001 SATA3.

I have tried ALL the Sata ports, and to no avail.

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  1. Has no one got any ideas?
  2. This sounds very much like a bad HDD. Your mobo can't detect it, but it can detect another HDD. The ticking at start-up is a bit suspicious. For confirmation, can you try connecting you new HDD to another machine to see whether it cannot be detected there, too? By the way, try also changing the data connection cable from the SATA drive, and using a different SATA power input connector, just in case you have a cable problem.
  3. a ticking noise from the hard drive can be either not enough power, or a faulty hard drive. Re-seat the power connector to the hard drive, preferably try a different power connector running from another cable on the PSU. Also try another sata cable.
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