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Hey there please help me,i want to know if i put a power supply into a system that requires more power that the power supply cannot give what willl happen even though it has over power protection,over voltage protection,and short circuit protection thanks e.g if i put a hd 5750 on a supposedly 800watts power supply that has all the connectors for the hd5750 will it blow my parts or my video card or anything,
my system
amd 125 watts quad core 3.0ghz
4gb of ram
1tb hard drive
1 dvd drive
1 60mm system fan
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    Kind of hard to understand, your components will only draw what they need.
    800 watts could easily power 2 systems with the specs you've provided.
  2. I think what you're asking is what if you under-power your system, correct me if I'm wrong though. If this is the case, it'll either A) Not work, or B) Be quite unstable, resulting in crashes, etc.

    Don't skimp on a PSU. This is one of the more important components, and is often overlooked. A crappy PSU can potentially destroy hardware, so make sure you have something that's of moderate quality at least.
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