New mobo

ok, weeks of looking and bringin up...3? mother boards that fit what i need.

I want/need (due to some unknown problem with i think my south brige) a new mobo, which will deffinatly take a core 2 quad Q8200 AND WILL run SLI x2 AND will run on DDR2 ram
price range - £0 to £120 (roughly, might be able to scratch £140)

I currently have an asus p5KPL/1600, its an xfire board which i only found out like 2 weeks ago after i had bought a GTS250core edition about 6 months ago. oh well. XMS ddr2 ram 4gb. core 2 wuad q8200. gts250 core edition. Ask if you want more

any idears?
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  1. The ASUS P5N-D is an LGA 775 SLI MOBO it supports both DDR2 and your Q8200 CPU. In the US it's $89 ~ £60.
  2. apparantly i just won a ASUS P5W DH Deluxe off ebay......i dont remember bidding for it...38 pounds tho. thats really odd.
    what about a asus striker Extreme, theres one one ebay for £77 (including postage)
  3. The Striker Extreme has NO support for the Q8200 CPU -

    The MOBO I linked before is the only in production ASUS MOBO that meets all of your requirements. No, I do/will not search for out of production MOBOs.
  4. lol cheers for the heads up. i emailed the seller a question about the board before i even got close to clicking buy it now..
    and yeah i dont blame you. it is pure hell :(

    oh well its what i get for not wanting to upgrade my cpu thanks again, il see what i can dig up with the P5N-D board


    found a brand new p5n-d for £77.48 from this site

    and allso bidding on one on ebay for 20pound so far. il see if i get out bidded on ebay then think abut buying a brand new one

    cheers for the help guys
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