Three questions, antec1200 audio problem,atx connection, &fan connection.


the front panel audio cable for hdaudio wire diagram, doesn't match the amd giabyte 790fxta motherboard wire diagram, even the names are different what can i do & how to do it.

the power supply that i have has a atx 4 pin and a eps 8 pin which do i use for my 8 pin atx gigabyte amd 790fxta motherboard?


antec 1200 case, where do i connect my six fans with modular connections? the ones that have the four wired modular connections in a series, two black, one red & one yellow, the fan wire red wire corresponds with the yellow wire if connected and black to black these the correct ones? then that would mean that when i turn my power switch on (psu) the fans would run even with out my computer running?(until i pushed the front panel power button)
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  1. there is Ac'97 audio hook ups and also HD audio Most motherboards use hd audio now. but your case might not support that. Lol with the power for the fans no it doesnt work like that just hook them up to the power supply.
  2. use the 8 pin.
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