Hello, I recently purchased a new motherboard. It seems to have some SATA connectors to it.. So I went and got a new sata HD (but not cd room drive). I plugged everything in and I am now getting " Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter ". I changed the boot sequence to every possible option. I set the cd rom as master, slave, cable select.. i guess the harddrive is auto set.. being it sata..

Anyone have any ideas what it could be? thanks in advance
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  1. Which Operating System? 32-bit or 64-bit version?

    What is the make and model of the motherboard?

    What is the make and model of the CD-ROM drive?
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    If the ODD {DVD/CD} is IDE then that may be your problem; to test disconnect the ODD and see what happens.

    Q - What exact MOBO?
    Q - What exact SATA HDD
    Q - What exact ODD 'CD ROM'?
    Q - What OS are you 'trying' to install?
  3. On some motherboards the bootable CD drive has to be the secondary master drive and others allow you to choose in the BIOS or when the computer boots, the drive you can boot from. Are you sure that he DVD drive is working? Have you enabled the IDE interface in the BIOS?
  4. yes the dvd drive is working.. i also have 3 different hard drives ive been trying to use.. one sata and 2 regular.. how do i enable ide interface?

    im just trying to install windows xp.

    motherboard: 915m12 gl gls
    cdrom: ltn-526
    harddrive: wd800bd

    im using a sata connector from the harddrive to the motherboard sata connector slot.. using regular cable from the cd rom to the motherboard..

    what do i set the CD rom to? Slave? Master? CS?

    What about the bios settings?

    sorry for the poor grammar... typing fast!
  5. Since the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive is the only device on the IDE (PATA) ribbon cable it should be jumpered as a Master or CS (Cable Select). Might as well jumper it as CS.

    If you are using CS then the position of the device on the IDE cable determines whether the device will be a Master or a Slave assuming you're using an 80-conductor IDE ribbon cable that handles two IDE devices.

    The blue connector on the IDE ribbon cable is connected to the motherboard's ATA 100/66/33 IDE connector. The device at the end of the IDE cable (black connector) is the Master device and the device in the middle (gray connector) is the Slave device.

    Your LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive should be connected to the black connector on the end of the IDE ribbon cable.

    BIOS Settings:

    Assuming the only hard disk drive you have connected is the Western Digital Caviar WD800BD change the boot device sequence from its default (Floppy/Hard Disk/CDROM) to:

    Main Menu of CMOS Setup Utility --> Advanced BIOS Features
    First Boot Device [Floppy]
    Second Boot Device [CDROM]
    Third Boot Device [Hard Disk]

    Main Menu of CMOS Setup Utility --> Integrated Peripherals
    OnChip IDE Device [Press Enter] to open the sub-menu
    In the section "*** On-Chip Serial ATA Setting ***"
    SATA Mode [IDE] <--- (Default setting: IDE)
    The available setting values are: IDE, RAID, AHCI.

    The default IDE setting makes the SATA controller emulate an IDE controller. In this mode you don't need to Press F6 during Windows XP installation to provide a device driver for the Intel SATA controller.

    If you set it to RAID or AHCI you will need to Press F6 during the Windows XP installation and provide Intel ICH6 RAID or AHCI drivers on floppy diskette before the SATA hard disk drive will be recognized by the Windows XP installation routine.
  6. Thank you very much for replying and trying to assist me.

    I did exactly what you said. I put the IDE cable on exactly how you said. I have my hard drive on the sata cable and it is connected in the right spot.

    The BIOS settings were set to what you suggested. I wasn't sure which to put under "Enhanced, Combined" portion.

    I now have the message of: "Operating system failure, cannot read disk" or something along those lines.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Can you see the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive in the CMOS Setup Utility?

    Did you press Enter to boot from the bootable Windows XP installation CD when you saw the message telling you to do so?

    Is your bootable Windows XP installation CD damaged?
  8. I have 2 installation CDs.. They both worked fine on the other computer.

    I can't see the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive.. Where is it supposed to be listed?

    And yes, I pressed "Enter" when asked.
  9. On the first POST (Power On Self Test) screen you should see something like the following example:

    Memory Clock is : 800 MHz Tcl:5 Trcd:5 Trp:5 Tras:15 (2T Timing) 128 bit
    FSB Clock is : 1600 MHz
    IDE Channel 0 Master : TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202J SB01 <--- This is a Samsung IDE CD/DVD drive
    IDE Channel 0 Slave : None
    SATA 1 (A0) : OCZ-VERTEX2 1.11
    SATA 2 (A1) : SAMSUNG HD103UJ 1AA01108
    SATA 3 (B0) : SAMSUNG HD103UJ 1AA01112
    SATA 5 (B1) : None
    SATA 6 (C0) : None
    SATA 4 (C1) : WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 05.01D05

    Or you can navigate in the BIOS setup as follows:

    Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility Main Menu --> Standard CMOS Features
    IDE Channel 0 Master [TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S] <--- This is a Samsung IDE CD/DVD drive
    IDE Channel 0 Slave [None]
    SATA 1 (A0) [OCZ-VERTEX2]
    SATA 2 (A1) [SAMSUNG HD103UJ]
    SATA 3 (B0) [SAMSUNG HD103UJ]
    SATA 5 (B1) [ None]
    SATA 6 (C0) [ None]
    SATA 4 (C1) [WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A]

    If the IDE Channel 0 Master shows [None] then select this entry press Enter and change it to [Auto]. If a sub-menu pops up you may see IDE HDD Auto-Detect [Press Enter]. If you see this option press Enter to force an auto detection of your CD-ROM drive. If the CD-ROM drive gets detected you will see the CD-ROM drives model designation like the above example. If you don't see the CD-ROM drive after this then there is something wrong with the CD-ROM drive. Try it in another computer to make sure the drive works.
  10. As I assumed it's an IDE; those errors are typical for MANY IDE ODD {CD/DVD} --> the 'FIX' is to get a SATA ODD. The required driver is not being loaded.

    A possible solution is to created an nLiteOS install with the IDE ODD driver or use a USB install.


  11. That's what it is! It's not reading the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive.

    The USB method is only for Windows 7/Vista :(

    Also, with the link you have given with the nLiteOS driver.. How would I go about getting that driver onto the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive? Would I just put the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive into my working computer and download and install drivers? Does the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive hold information on it like that?

    Sorry for the very noobish questions. This is my very first complete system rebuild. I am literally looking at parts, seeing where they go, messing with BIOS and checking hardware compatibility.

    Thanks in advance!
  12. Also, what is a ODD?

    I know, NOOB. :(
  13. You 'may' be able to make a usable USB XP installer, but the simplest is to get/borrow a SATA DVD drive. I don't see where you posted 'what OS' you're trying to install??!

    LiteOn LTN 526 {Firmware & Drivers} -

    Assuming that your nLite burn is correct, you might want to update your ODD Firmware. ODD = Optical Disk Drive.

    Official XP SP3 ISO ->
  14. A good SATA CD / DVD Burner, like the ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS, can be bought for around $20 US.

    The firmware update that jaquith linked to is a Windows application so you'll need to connect the LTN 526 CD-ROM drive to a system that has an IDE connector and already has Windows installed before you can update the firmware. This firmware update will also attempt to detect if you have the Liteon LTN 526 drive installed. If the incorrect drive or no LTN 526 is detected you will get a 526YH0X pop-up message window that displays the "Drive model doesn't match!!!" message.
  15. I see, as I first guessed correctly, IDE install fails all of the time and the problem is RARELY correctable.
  16. ^+1. The LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive isn't being detected at all by the BIOS.

    The problem is not the OS.

    It seems to be in the Optical Drive's firmware or the support for IDE optical drives was removed from the motherboard's BIOS.
  17. Thank you guys for such quick and accurate responses! This computer forum community is definitely one of a kind!

    Ok, So I need to know what my next steps should be. Please, if you have the time.. list in order how to do this.

    I know I disconnect my cd rom drive from the computer im trying to fix and I disconnect the one from the good computer that is actually working.. Then do I just go to those links posted and download the drivers? What are the inbetween steps? If I install the drivers on the other computer, how would they transfer to my computer that Im building? Does the cd rom have some sort of onboard memory?

    Thank you in advance!!
  18. No drivers are needed. Just download the firmware update file and extract the 526YH0X.EXE Windows application file to a hard disk drive on the good computer.

    The following steps assume that your good computer has an ATA 100/66/33 IDE connector on the motherboard.

    Disconnect the AC power cord from the power supply of both computers before disconnecting or reconnecting any devices.

    Disconnect the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive from the problem computer along with the ribbon cable.

    Disconnect the CD-ROM drive from the good computer.

    Plug the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive along with its ribbon cable into the ATA 100/66/33 IDE connector on the motherboard of the good computer. Plug in the 4-pin Molex power connector from the power supply unit to the CD-ROM drive.

    Plug the AC power cable back into the power supply unit of the good computer and turn it on.

    Enter the BIOS Setup Utility and confirm that the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive has been detected or change the BIOS settings to auto-detect it.

    If the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive cannot be detected in the working computer then I highly doubt that the Windows firmware update application that you have downloaded will work. You can boot into Windows and try running it anyways just for confirmation.

    If the Windows firmware update application returns a "Drive model doesn't match!!!" message in a popup message window then there must be some physical problem/damage of the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive. Then there is only one option, a new SATA CD/DVD Burner.

    If the Windows firmware update is successful then you can move the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive back to the other computer and try it out. If it is still not recognized in the BIOS then I would assume a motherboard BIOS incompatibility with the LiteOn LTN 526 CD-ROM drive and you will need a new SATA CD/DVD Burner. If it works you're good to go with a Windows XP install.
  19. Posting this from the new computer. :)

    Thank you for your quick responses and extremely accurate information!

    Esp. Thanks to Ko888 for his detailed responses and his passion for helping out this awesome computer forum.
  20. Oh no! I can't find the Drivers for my audio or video on the net! :( Could you possible help me find them? Thank you!
  21. Have you looked here?

    You should be able to download WIndows XP drivers for On-Board LAN, System & Chipset, On-Board VGA and On-board Audio for your specific motherboard model.
  22. Yeah, It keeps saying that their website is too busy to process entry.. I don't think the website is still up and running or functioning..
  23. I think I found the Audio one.. I just don't know what to do after I download it..
  24. Yes, it's still up and running. Try a different browser.

    When you get in use 915G7MH-S as the model.
  25. Ok, I found the correct website.. It's actually

    what do i do once i download the link?
  26. Extract the contents of the zip files.

    Look for any readme.txt files and open them in notepad or a text editor. Read the instructions.

    Look for a setup.exe installer file. Run/execute this file.
  27. Everything is working like a charm, Thank again to those who helped me!

    This forum saved me a lot of money and time! :)
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