Looking For Reccomendation For Upgrade From Geforce 8800

I'm considering upgrading my GeForce 8800 to something newer and more powerful without having to replace my PSU as well. Ideally I'd like to be able to play recent games (Napoleon:Total War, Dragon Age etc.) on medium to high settings at 1920x1200. I'm considering either a GeForce 260 or a Radeon 5770 but I'm not sure which one is better, or if there are better alternatives.

My current system specs are:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
4GB DDR2 1066MHz RAM
GeForce 8800 320MB
450 Watt PSU

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. What's your budget? You should look at the most recent "Best Graphics Card for Your Money" article on the main site. The recommendations there are always good. For the past couple of months, you'll probably get something from ATI.
  2. ^ That article is ALWAYS a good read. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-graphics-card,2569.html

    I would honestly choose the 5770 over the GTX 260. While they are pretty comparable in performance, the GTX has been out a while and the 5770 is new. Meaning the 5770 has alot of room to grow through driver updates and is DX11. The GTX 260 probably won't see much further improvements through driver updates and is only DX10.

    The 5770 is really the mainstream card to get right now.
  3. Cool, thanks. I've read the articles and was leaning towards the 5770.
  4. brother take 4890 (more performance and good gfx quality) or 5770(moderate performance and very good gfx quality)
  5. if i were in your place i would have bought 4890 or wait for 5830 to arrive in my region because 5830 is affordable too.
  6. Raza- the 5830 ends up costing quite a bit more, but only offering a little bit more performance compared to the 5770, so the 5770 is actually quite a bit better price/performance than the 5830. If you want more than 5770, then the 5850 is the next step that actually makes sense for what you pay for it (or the 5770 in crossfirex).
  7. i'd seriously skip on 5830... get a 5770 bang for the buck...
  8. abhishekk89 said:
    i'd seriously skip on 5830... get a 5770 bang for the buck...

    I agree. I'd rather get a 5770 and overclock the crap out of it before a 5830. They are overpriced for what they are and don't offer THAT much more performance than a 5770. They are big and suck to much power at load for what they deliver.
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