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Looking to buy a new motherboard that will work with SLI, DDR3 and a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T.

Price range from 60-120 Pounds.

Looking for it to be future proof and to be able to add things to it without having to upgrade the motherboard again for a while.

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  1. Asus M4N75TD

    but those SLI AM3 mobos are not that future proof since they don't have SATA3 an USB3. On the other hand you have plenty of crossfire good AM3 mobos if you don't have already the video cards. You can go for two HD 6850, for great performance.

    Also if that's for gaming (you want dual GPU) the Phenom II X4 are cheaper and even better in gaming.
  2. Thanks for the help,

    It Is for gaming so I'll go look at Phenom II x4s.
    What type of Crossfire mobo should I go for? Any or doesn't it make much difference?

  3. Thanks,
    Good that I just ordered a Ocz 750W PSU :)
  4. Do you know any good bundles with a Phenom II x4 and a Crossfire with a few GB of ram for a good prices by any chance? :)
  5. That's good for Nvidia, the HD 6850 takes only 127 watts on full load each (a factory overclocked 460 about 200W) but more power never hurt anyone. :)
    The factory OCed 460 are faster thanm the regular 6850s but you can OC your 6850s to the HD 6870 level or buy factory overclocked ones as well (XFX HD 6850 Black Edition, Sapphire HD 6850 Toxic).

    LE Lemme see that.

    LE Nah, from what I've see the bundles are even more expensive that separate parts. For good prices, ebuyer,
    some nice cheap RAM there
  6. Thank you for your help.
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