Increase Partition Size without any formating

hi , so 6 months ago i baught a new computer

Intel i5 2500K
8gb ram
msi 560GTX
ssd drive 74gb
1 tb seagate harddrive

when i got the comp, i decided to split my ssd drive into 2 drives , one that would only have the windows on it , the other one where i would put my games ....

but since 1 month and a half , i keep getting the message that my C drive is full and my comp wont work properly .... i gave it 38.9GB to install all my components use ( Windows , Video cards settings , audio settings , etc. )

but i only have 20MB left now , and i keep getting errors popping out , so my question is , can i get some space from the other drive i did , and put them on my C so it will stop getting some random errors , and it will work totaly fine ???

thanks alot !
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  1. Yes, you can use the disk management of Windows to shrink the second volume to give you some space to extend the volume of the OS volume.

    You could also move the paging file to your HDD, since you have 8gb of ram you don't access it much unless you run VMs. You can also disable system restore and hibernation, which will free up a ton of space.
  2. partitions are rubbish remove it and use your drive as a single large drive, install everything else to the hdd etc
  3. ^ +1

    Not sure why so many people still use partitions today on simple personal computers, which I have to admit that I did like 20+ years ago to put the OS on the outer region of one drive platter. I certainly see no advantage to partition an SSD.
  4. neither did i ... but i mean ... im not the one that did my comp , i paid for every piece , and paid for someone to build it for me .... cuse honestly speaking , its all big blur for me as of , what goes where and why .... so yeah ... and he made me partitions ....
  5. Well, you are where you are, so make the best of it for now unless you want to reinstall all your games and programs. For now, just shrink your second partition and expand your OS partition. Also optimize your drive:
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