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I just bought a Sapphire ATI 5770....running an amd 5000 (2.6 ghz) dual core and 4 megs of DDR2 ram on a GIGABYTE GA-MA74GM-S2 AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 740G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. Frame per second in World of Warcraft are low (around 30 in Dalaran) with everything maxed except shadows running on a 1680 x 1050 res monitor. Read a lot of things saying the processor is holding the fps back. I guess my question would be should I get a AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rana 3.1GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Desktop Processor Model ADX445WFGMBOx for around $100....would this drastically increase the fps? Or should I start from scratch with a new board, cpu and memory (DDR3) and get a four or six core processor?...Don't have lots of money at the moment....Thanks for taking a look at my question = ).
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  1. 4 Gigs of memory is plenty, and the Graphics card is perfectly up to the task. And the 5000 is getting kinda old, so I agree with your assessment that your processor is the weakest link in the picture. Having said that - 30 FPS in an MMO is plenty. How's the performance in raids and large scale PvP? If the answer there is "fine", then you may want to simply start saving for your next complete build and maybe Overclock a little bit.

    Off the top of my head, you should be able to use up to something like a Phenom II X4 630 in that board, which would be a VERY big upgrade. But you definitely want to double check that with your mobo maker, since even if it does a Bios upgrade may be required to make that happen. Do your research and have what you need on hand before you commit.

    Regarding the game itself: It supports multi core processors reasonably well, considering it's age.

  2. Scotteq said:
    a Phenom II X4 630 in that board, which would be a VERY big upgrade.

    It sure would... if it existed :p

    Yeah you mean the Athlon IIx4 630. Which is an excellent CPU at about $100 now if WOW can make use of 4 threads. If not, the Athlon IIx3 440 is a great CPU too. Higher clock, one less core. I'm recommending that in general because a 0.1MHz increase in speed it not worth the extra $10 for the 445. Of course, you prices may vary, and therefore your choice.

    They are categorizing the CPUs supported by that motherboard by their designed for socket. It has nothing to do with motherbaord socket. All are supported by that board. Look at all the lists. Also, do not forget to update your bios before installing the new CPU.
  3. Yah - Althon II - Mea Culpa ;)

    And WoW definitely can make use of the 4 cores (for i7 owners, that's physical cores. Worked fine with HT when I played with it, but Blizzard recommend physical cores only). You used to have to set it manually, but the game now does so by Default as of Patch 3.0.
  4. the cheapest improvement you can make is to overclock your current CPU

    the athlon II x2 will actually run WoW as well as an athlon x3 since its not multi-core optimized, although the x3 will run games like far cry 2, BFBC2, dragon age better since they are multi-core optimized.
  5. 30 fps in dalaran is not bad. That's the highest pop place usually on the servers. What's your fps when doin dailies? Or when in raids?I have a 5750+ phenom II 945. and I only get about 10 more fps in Dal on a slightly lower rez 1360x768
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