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Hello Everybody,
Recently a lot of memory brands have appeared in the market called AMD Black Edition memory from different vendors like Corsair and OCZ, is this memory compatible with AMD Black Edition Processors only ? I've just picked up AMD X6 1055T and Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 Mobo
i'm thinking to go for Corsair XMS3 memory with CL7 but i want to know the benefit of those AMD BE memories and what is the differences between them and other normal ones.
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  1. AMD doesn't sell memory, but Black Edition CPUs have an unlocked core multiplier that allows overclocking from most mobos. As to the memory it might have the same feature but isn't endorsed by AMD.
  2. I didn't say that AMD sell RAMs, i have just asked if this RAM is designed specially to support AMD BE CPUs, what if i use an Intel Mobo and CPU, will these Rams work fine with Intel??
    My question is What is the differences between AMD Black Edition Memory such as OZC AMD Black Edition and any other normal RAM like G.Skill???
  3. There shouldn't be any, I checked the site it seems that the RAM has some "optimization" for specific AMD motherboards, but I wouldn't buy it over the G.Skill since even optimized the RAM still has to run at speified speeds. I was right the RAM somehow supports AMD's Overdrive program in Catalyst, but really it's just for OC'ing and isn't worth it since you could OC the G.Skill too, just not from Catalyst. If you're interested OCZ also sells Intel Extreme RAMs that are also a ripoff, and yes these Ram sticks would work just fine under the Intel mobos too, there is no pin difference so you have nothing to worry about.
  4. why are most people are cheered when they hear about G.Skill... there are also Corsair Dominator and OCZ Reaper give the same or better performance, i'd go for corsair xms3 or dominator
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    I've actually never used G.Skill before and only heard of the brand after reading about it on Anandtech 8 months ago, I was trying to say that there is very little difference from OCZ's Black Edition RAM and other RAMs used by everybody else. From what I hear G.Skill is supposed to be pretty good, I agree if the Corsair or the Reaper are better go for it these Black Edition sticks exist to fool novice buyers who think that to OC they must have this RAM when all you really need is a nice OC'ing app like Afterburner for video cards.
  6. since i haven't tried AOD before, i have read that BE memories have also profiles for enthusiasts and gamers to select addition to low latencies and AOD plug n play overclocking
  7. That I read too, but i don't see the point of it as it just makes it more complicated to manage.
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