My first build and the issues i'm facing


I've pretty much put all the parts together and the system seems to be running fine, but im slowly picking up one or two issues along the way.

I've plugged in my GFX card and my system is showing that is only running at x8 when it should be running at x16. Any ideas on what the issue could be ?

My CPU is idling at quite a high temp and i have a Coolermaster Hyper Tx3 on my CPU. Any ideas on how to bring that core temp down?

My HDDs are running really slow at the moment. I know that HDDs are just naturally slow but any way of speeding it up?

Thanks for your input
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  1. It's a bit difficult to tell anything about the x8/x16 issue without knowing anything about your motherboard, its slots, or if anything else is plugged in... more detail might help there.

    If you have a powerful, well installed heatsink on your CPU and it's still hot - you might need better case airflow. If you have a howling gale blowing through your case and the CPU is still hot - go back and look at the CPU sink again. Or, alternatively, your idea of a "high idle temp" might need to be relaxed, depending on your CPU type.
  2. What did you mean by your HDD is running slow? Slow as in you're used to SSD speed so it feels slow?

    Also we don't know if you plugged in your GFXs card into the 2nd slot or if your bios has an 8x 8x mode?... Please put up more details.
  3. Thanks alot. Sorry about the lack of detail. Was in abit of a hurry.

    My system and setup:
    AMD Phenom X4 965 125w revised edition
    Asus M4A89GTD Pro
    1 TB 7200RMP HDD
    500GB 7200RMP HDD
    ATI 5850
    Cosair 650w PSU
    Zalman 7 Chassis

    Its very slow when it comes to loading simple things. But i've discovered that could be an issue with my OS at the moment.

    The fan that goes with the heatsink is quite dodgy and im looking to get another one to put on the heat sink cause this one just isnt really doing the trick at all.

    Hope that helps you help me :)

  4. Make sure your graphics card is installed in the PCI-E slot closest to the CPU socket. Since your motherboard runs at x8 speeds when both PCI-Ex16 slots are populated, my guess (and it's only a guess) is that the secondary slot will ONLY run at x8. If your graphics card is installed in the top slot, make sure nothing is installed in the secondary slot.

    As for the CPU, I'd ask what temps are you seeing? The case you have should provide sufficient airflow (front intake, rear exhaust).

    -Wolf sends
  5. Did you do a fresh install of your OS on this system? If not, that would explain your performance issues.

    I agree with Wolfshadw on the graphics card placement. Make sure the GPU is in the top white PCI-E slot and that there's nothing in the dark blue PCI-E slot.
  6. Yep, i did a fresh install of my OS. But i have a feeling something went wrong. I have 11 svhost processes running when i boot up which surely isnt right. Its Windows 7 64bit.

    Ye, the graphics card is installed in the one closest to the CPU. I recieved a VGA switch card with my mobo, and im not entirely sure as what its for? On the back it says 'Please keep this switch card on the Black PCIex16 slot. Only remove it when you want to instal other devices.' I dont have any black PCIe slots so im assuming its just a generic message but im not sure. Any clues?

    Thanks again
  7. I have 8 svhost processes running on this XP laptop
  8. On my Windows 7 32Bit laptop i have 2 running.
  9. I've been reading over the cooling issue i have and i was wondering if the amount of thermal grease i put on would affect the performance of the heatsink.

    Thanks again
  10. If you purchased a retail version of your CPU, it should have come with thermal grease pre-applied to your Heatsink/Fan (HSF) assembly. There should have been no need to apply any unless you cleaned what was pre-applied off and placed some of your own onto it. Yes, if you applied too much, it would affect how well your HSF cools your CPU. You never did reply with what temps you're seeing, so we don't have any idea what actually is happening on your system.

    Side Note: I'm also running Window 7-64bit and have 11 svchost processes running. I wouldn't worry about it.

    -Wolf sends
  11. Ahhh, thats a relief about the Windows.

    Uhm, i getting around 45 when the system is idling after being turned on.

    I'm using an aftermarket cooler, so i had to apply the grease myself. Perhaps i should check if it was applied correctly.

  12. According to this Tom's Hardware Article on the X4-965, you should only be seeing a five degree celsius increase above ambient temps at idle. So if your room temperature is 78 F (25.5C), your idle temps should be around 30.5C.

    Of course, if your ambient temps are around 105F, then 40C would be about right. :na: If you're sure you have decent airflow through your system, then I'd probably go ahead and remove/re-apply thermal compound; making sure not to use too much (or too little).

    -Wolf sends
  13. Oh shizzle.Well thanks for that.

    And on the side of the GFX card. Any clue as to my issue there?
  14. Do you have anything installed in the second PCI-E slot? Sound card, TV tuner, etc...?
  15. Absolutely nothing. Its completely empty. :/
  16. I've gathered this is quite a common issue, but i cant seem to find any solution.

    Anyone found a solution ?
  17. Okay, i checked in my mobo manual, and it says that the 2nd PCIe Slot is the x16 slot.
    Which contradicts everything everyone has said here. So im even more confused now.
    Anyways, i put it in that slot, and its still running at x8.

    This is soooo frustrating!
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