Please help - graphics card suggestions

I need a good graphics card that can play gta iv on
reasonable graphics settings at 1366x768 resolution.
I have £75 to spend on it.
I was going to get the radeon hd4670 but i don't think cars
in gta iv look shiny with that graphics card so I am looking
for a nvidia.
Please give me a few cards to choose from
My pc specs:
core 2 quad 2.5ghz q8300
4gb ram
400w psu
If you need any more info just ask

Thank you
Is the gt240 1gb any good.
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  1. With a 400W PSU you will be limited to the lower end cards. For your price you could look at a 5670, which has a 400W minimum power requirement. Here is a site someone else pointed me to the other day, not sure where you are looking to order from. Teh 5670 will give you better performance than the 4670 or GT240
  2. Will the 5670 be able to run gta iv at 1366x768 with good graphics, because I Think the vehicles on the game won't have any reflections with that card.
    Anyway any nvidia cards under £75, And I can upgrade the psu to 500w if you want.
  3. Not sure what settings, but it would do better than a 4670 or GT240.

    If you have a 500W that would extend your options a bit, depending on the quality of the unit. What model are you looking at? You will still find it hard to get a video card under 75. You might be able to find a 9800GT or something like it for that price if you find a deal. Maybe a GTS 250 if you are REAL Lucky.
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