Packard bell xp recovery disk download

can't access the internet
will the recovery disk allow me to do that
help please JOHN
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  1. 1. Does your internet connection run correctly to its modem?
    2. Do you have a router, if so does the cable from your modem run to that and connect to the right slot?
    3. Do you have the correct cable running from your router to your PC (if you do not have a router, then directly from your modem)?
    4. When you turn on your PC if you watch where the plug is inserted, are there any activity lights at all?

    Lets make sure you are connected properly before we go tampering with the operating system (like Windows)
  2. john molloy said:
    I can't access the internet. will the recovery disk allow me to do that?
    help please JOHN

    The recovery CD which, alongside the WinXP installation CD should remove all the device driver ? for hardware components the OS doesn't know about.

    ...and that is what I am looking for to configure a friend's packard bell easynote.
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