TMPIN2 at 81 C??

I just built a new computer and I'm getting a reading on HWmonitor that TMPIN2 is 81C. In Everest this 81C shows up as CPU temp which I find hard to be true when all the CPU core temps are 25C. What is going on with this 81C?? Is this just a faulty sensor? I've been running this computer for 5 days and TMPIN2 always shows 81C even when running 3dmark, prime95, and heavy games.

Here's what I'm running:
AMD Phenom II x6 1055t, OC'd to 3.6ghz
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Gigabyte GA-870a

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  1. Most folks running AMD chipsets have problems with the reported TMPIN2 temperatures in CPUID. Considering all your other temps are inline, I would consider it to be an anomaly and call it a day, especially if it fluctuates.
  2. What about the TMPIN0 that had a max of 87C. Is that the northbridge? I heard some beeps when I was playing Modern Warfare 2 and when that happened the game was laggy for a few seconds.
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