Did My SLi Bridge Go Bad?

Well today I bought a new CPU and motherboard, being the Q8300 and an Asus P5N-D. When I hook everything up, it wouldn't give me any image on the screen. I started testing my graphics cards individually, but they were fine. I put both of them in the computer without the bridge, and it booted up just fine. I put the bridge on and then booted up, and it wouldn't give me an image. What could be wrong here? When I used the non-flexible bridge with my EVGA 750i it seemed to work fine, but with this flexible one they seem to fail.

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  1. Have you tried it with the EVGA non-flexible bridge??
  2. I can't because of the way the graphics cards are positioned. They are closer together than the non-flexible bridge will permit.
  3. Verification... You do have the monitor connected to the top slot card correct??

    It might be time to contact ASUS for a replacment or purchase a new bridge.
  4. I did have the monitor plugged into the top card.
  5. I does sound like the bridge is bad....

    Another question, when you don't have the bridges connected, do you have SLI enabled / checked in the Nvidia Control Panel
  6. I can't get into the Nvidia panel because when the SLi bridge is plugged in, the computer won't post. It's really weird.
  7. I was trying to say go to the Nvidia panel with the bridge not connected..
  8. Oh, well no, it doesn't even detect the other card when no bridge is attached.
  9. It sounds like it is a defective bridge, which ASUS should replace since it is a newly bought board.
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